Corporate Flowers, Event Displays & Wedding Flowers
are all available from Carrington Brown.

Based in Central London, Carrington Brown provides the complete range of floral services from bunches and hand tied bouquets to arrangements and world wide relay services.

We deal with over 350 floral arrangements which are delivered, weekly, to over 280 corporate and private addresses in Central London. Amongst our clients are advertising agencies, banks, insurance companies, government departments, law offices, property management companies and IT companies.

Caring for your flowers:

Here are some general useful tips to keep any flowers fresher for longer:

  • Before you place your flowers in a vase of water, always trim the stems of the flowers. This ensures that water is able to get up the stem of flower. It also means it is able to absorb flower food.
  • Cut approximately 3cm diagonally. By cutting diagonally it allows a wider surface for the flowers to drink from.
  • Remove any excess foliage.
  • Do not place the flowers in a hot location. This will damage the flowers.
  • They should be kept out of direct sunshine.
  • Replace the water on a regular basis.
  • Lightly spray the flowers
  • Remove any dying flowers
  • Use flower food.

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