Picking up the Pieces

Now Its Over !!

Now  we have had the time to recover from Valentines Day I  was interested to see what wacky stories had emerged (as they do every year!!) .

Celery !!…… Well according to the Toronto Sun, reserchers at North Carolina State Unviversityhave extended the life of a rose by inserting the gene from Celery, that will make the bloom last up to 19 days.
My monies on the fact that the rose will out live the Valentines relationship by weeks !!
Then I came across an  American website that I can only call a FLORISTS NIGHTMARE  being ` The Consumerist annual Valentine’s Day Garden of Discontent`. You must take a look at some of the examples that American online Flower Relay companies  try to get away with……Frightening !!
Perhaps we should have a website that exposes the wonderful floral offerings that some UK florists dare to send out !!
And finally I came across this  little gem…….on a website SOP  where the blogger  Robert Reyes and I quote`Dudes: Your wife or girlfriend may want a diamond ring and a mink coat for Valentine`s Day, but don`t forget to give her candy and roses`.
Ohhh please get a life as it’s all about Romance…isn’t it !”!
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