Mothering Sunday….Don’t Panic !!

Mothers Day…It need not be like this !!

With Mothering Sunday just around the corner, I am starting to hear ‘OMG what do I get her this year’  For those of you who are still unaware of this years dates it is on the 3rd of April, so you now have no excuse that you forgot

So we have got this far as making a mental note of the dates, now the hard part…….what to buy her !!
I am taking for granted that most of you will know your Mums quite well……..I hope, and so this process should be a little easier. For those of you with should I say the slightly trickier Mums, this process is quite a tightrope to walk. Will she like it, is it her colour,fragrance, style etc etc etc ………it is enough to give you a nervous breakdown.
For me , I fall into the above category and over the years I have found out that it’s not the amount of money you spend, its how you spend it  !
So now you have to do some investigating on likes and dislikes until you come up with exactly what your Mum likes……It’s not difficult !
For my mother it’s flowers every time, just two varieties from her favorite local florist and a card I have written and posted to her.
So what ever you are going to give your mother on the 3rd April this year, two things above all are important, being one that you remembered her and  two you showed you cared !
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