Spring Madness

Don't pick the Flowers !!

Spring has finally arrived….the bees are humming, the birds are singing and the spring flowers are starting to bloom !  But all beware we are now entering a change of season which brings with it odd human behaviour. Remember from your history lessons  ‘Beware of the Ides of March’ which unfortunately Julius Caesar choose to ignore.

 Well looking at how human behaviour changes once the seasons change, makes me despair & wonder…… it really does!!

Trawling through recent events I came across many articles with the theme of spring, flowers, police and rioting…..what a mind boggling combination of opposing contrasts. An article from the blogger Angela Epstein of the Manchester Evening Post caught my eye, by proclaiming  ‘Daffodil thieves are as bad as London rioters’. For those of you that followed this hugely blown up story from the media, can only shake their heads in despair when a so called ‘reasonable journalist’ tries to link little girls picking daffodils in a park to Anarchists smashing up businesses in central London. Whatever your views on the actions of the little girls picking flowers in a municipal parkand being cautioned by the Police,  there is no way reasonable people should try to link the two……..just to fill up a page in a local paper !! May I suggest to Angela Epstein that instead of sitting in her office trying to cobble together a non story as this,  she should be reporting directly from the next Anarchists riot and maybe a real story might come from her.

On a lighter note,  a very quintessential British story about the election of a Grouville student becoming Jersey’s Miss Battle of Flowers 2011, a post that was created in 1902 as a celebration of the coronation of Edward VII. Ahhhhh don’t stories like this just make you feel good and that in this country we are all as Mad as a March Hare !!

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