Fresh is Best

An African Dilemma !!

Now a traditional British summer has finally arrived and the haze of all those May & June events have faded into memories, an article caught my eye carried by the Florist & Wholesale Buyer  from the Kenya Business Daily.

George Omondi writes about the concerns that Kenyan flower exporters have regarding the ever increasing cost of air transport in getting their produce to Europe, US & Asia.
It is reported that ‘specialised equipment’ has been invested in to facilitate the switch to sea transport….. I wonder what that can be, gene engineering or chemical suspension, the latter being rather unpalatable .
With Kenya’s Sh 70 billion a year export trade and the switch to sea transport estimated to cut cargo costs by 60% there is plenty of incentives to make this work.
But do we the end users want this ?
I do not intend  to get drawn into the economic or humanitarian arguments  concerning the ethics of exporting  fresh produce to the rest of the world, but concentrate on the issue of having a ‘Fresh Product’ that would be over two weeks old !! Also how long before Dutch, South American or Asian growers start to see the benefits of the above and start treating their flowers this way. Sooner or later we could have flowers that are up to a month old in our vases.
But may I suggest a cheaper alternative: Silk or Artificial flowers that last for years & all you have to do is dust them !!!! (lol)
For me the beauty of fresh flowers is in their short vase life, as they then fade into a memory……..I always say Fresh is Best.
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